“Building Bridges Through Story” 2022 was held in March, shortened to one day due to Covid considerations. It was an excellent celebration of diversity; an opportunity to build community and establish lasting connections that foster inclusion and respect and begin to break down the walls in our society. These walls are pervasive, built by ignorance and fear of people of different colour, race, culture, gender, religion, birth place and socio-economic status.

It was an engagement of the heart. A deep listening to the real stories of people who have experienced the pain and suffering as a result of being excluded, ignored, treated to unjust laws, discriminated against and often abused in public. Every story told, was and is a piece of us; a gift to the listener; an attempt to find a deeper connection with marginalised groups in our own community.

A bridge can be one way to reach a destination or solution. It can represent a transition – a crossing over – taking a journey from death to ‘new life’. A bridge can be a symbol of hope but for some, it can be a challenge. A struggle to overcome an obstacle or a barrier.

In March we were privileged to listen to the stories of people from three groups: First Nations people, people living with Disabilities, and Muslim Women. Through the encouragement of experienced and empathetic facilitators we welcomed and learned from all our speakers.

Manningham Uniting Church and partners are very pleased that we now have an opportunity to hold three further events that will take each of these discussions and sharing to a deeper level.

The events will take place on three different dates at Manningham Uniting
Church Community Centre, 109 Wood Street, Templestowe.

  • Saturday 27 August 2022 – 2pm – 4:30pm – Ableism
  • Saturday 8 October 2022 – 2pm – 4:30pm – Muslim Women
  • Saturday 19 November 2022 – 1:30pm – 4:00pm – First Nations