Manningham Uniting Church

Manningham Uniting Church is a vibrant, intergenerational and well connected community church. The church has around 400 members and a diverse Ministry Team. MUC is about to move into a new Church and Community Centre in Templestowe which will host and partner regular community events and organisations.

Manningham Uniting Church’s hope for Building Bridges through Story:
That People will gain an understanding of equality and deep respect for difference.


Benevolence is a welcoming and inclusive space for spiritual growth through the Prophetic tradition in service to the community.

Benevolence offers Community and Educational Programs to foster social harmony, cohesion and connectedness, aiming to create the space, knowledge and support for spiritual growth and development to those seeking the path of consciousness and connection to The Divine.

Benevolence’s hope for your experience of Building Bridges through Story:
New insight, knowledge or opinion based on facts, questions answered, people humanised, exposure to culture and religion from people and not the news…  and so much more!

Koonung Heights UCA

Uniting Church Community situated in East Balwyn.  Primarily we are a Christian Church Community which seeks to live out its faith.  One of the by-products of this is the awareness that advocating for social and climate justice are seen as important out-workings and expressions of our faith. 

Koonung Height UCA’s hope for your experience of Building Bridges through Story
A sense that people of faith are supportive of others even if they are not of the same faith.  A hope that we might feel that together we are far better than the sum of our parts.

The Rotary Clubs of Manningham

Manningham has four Rotary Clubs (Doncaster, Templestowe, Manningham and Warrandyte/Donvale) and one Rotaract Club (Manningham). Rotary is a voluntary service-based organisation whose members work on a wide range of humanitarian and environmental projects and programs with five avenues of service: Community, International, Vocational, Youth and Club Service.

Bendigo Bank – Doncaster East & Templestowe Village

This project is supported by
Bendigo Bank Grants Program

Manningham City Council

This project is supported by
Manningham Council’s Community Grants Program