Muslim Women – Saturday 8 October

Muslim Women – Saturday 8 October

Muslim Women – Saturday 8 October
2.00pm to 4.30pm

Manningham UC and its Building Bridges Through Story partners have built on an event held in March where stories of Disability, Muslim Women and First Nations people were shared. This second opportunity, to take place on Saturday 8 October from 2pm-4.30pm invites participation in a focus on Muslim Women. Our presenters will be Saara Sabbagh and Adeeba Nabulsi from Benevolence Australia.

Adeeba, a human centred designer, is currently CEO of Benevolence Australia. She enjoys history and will share her knowledge of the shared history of Muslims and Christians. Adeeba’s other interests include horses, cycling, hiking and catching up with family and friends.

Saara, founder of Benevolence Australia and a Muslim community educator is critically engaging her community in what it means to be an Australian Muslim in today’s world. Saara will identify issues raised through Adeeba’s presentation and explore what this means for us today, allowing us to challenge assumptions and open discussion.

Afternoon tea will include foods representing special celebrations in both cultures, providing sharing and an opportunity for storytelling around tables.

Revs Heather Hon and Gail Pritchard will join Saara and Adeeba for a final ‘Conversvation’ or Q&A session relating to both Islam and Christianity.

Please register now to be part of this unique experience and help to build a bridge that Muslims and Christians can cross together. Entry and Afternoon tea will be free of charge.